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Enterprise AI Strategies Theater: Succeeding with AI System Integrators

With the theme of “Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise”, the upcoming AI World Conference and Expo 2018 will be held within three days, December 3rd-5th, in Boston. The second panel of the second day will discuss around how enterprises can bring transformative change with AI System Integrators.

 Application integration services involve any work done to link or integrate multiple AI technologies together, as well as the work completed to tie in AI software with existing software or systems. AI can only provide significant benefits when it is deployed seamlessly, with potential process interruptions (such as exceptions) identified and managed prior to full implementation. Much of the work done may revolve around the modification of existing systems, processes, and job functions to ensure that the new AI technology can enhance speed, accuracy, or productivity, and seamlessly sit within or alongside of existing, mission-critical applications.

This panel will answer some of the questions most enterprises raised such as “What market drivers and conditions are driving the market for AI system integration services?”, “How should AI budgets for AI integration be structured and managed to ensure optimal efficiency and success?”, “What criteria should be used to evaluate systems integrators?” and so forth.

This session is going to be moderated by Keith Kirkpatrick, Principal Analyst, Tractica, with the presence of several representatives from large companies in the industry. The panelists are:

  • Scot Whigham, CEO, Function (AI)
  • Larry Ross, Sr Operations Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • Kwame Monthrope, Global CRM Executive, Accenture
  • Carl Horton, Associate Partner, IBM