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Building the Economic and Political Framework for AIWS – The Age of Global Enlightenment

From Boston, the catalyst of the American Revolution, the Boston Global Forum and its contributors have discussed and built the Economic and Political Framework for the AI Age.

They have held meetings at Harvard University and MIT to propose ideas for the framework:

  • An Innovative and Virtuous Economy Empowered by AI and Data
  • The pursuit of an advanced economic and political framework for the AIWS envisions a creative, innovative and virtuous economy, bolstered by the utilization of AI and data. This framework seeks to provide equal opportunities for all citizens to become creators, innovators, fostering a society where self-reliance takes precedence over dependence on social welfare. Even retirees are encouraged to contribute to the betterment of society until their departure.
  • Central to this vision is the establishment of a market that directly connects producers and creators with consumers, minimizing intermediaries and ensuring transparency. Such an arrangement prevents manipulation by brokerages, dealers, or lobbyists, guaranteeing a fair playing field for all participants, special in finance.
  • An essential aspect of the proposed framework is the equilibrium of economic power, effectively curbing the influence of totalitarian and autocratic states. By preventing leaders and autocratic regimes from exploiting national resources to the detriment of humanity, the framework safeguards the common good.
  • Moreover, adherence to the cultural values of AIWS is crucial within this economy. Companies must uphold these principles without compromising or supporting totalitarian regimes or autocratic leaders. In doing so, the framework fosters an environment that rewards creators and contributors, promoting a compassionate, peaceful, humane, civilized, and benevolent society. Individuals who actively contribute to such a society are entitled to a fulfilling life, both materially and spiritually.
  • Robust cybersecurity measures, internet safety, data protection, and creativity promotion are integral to the framework, benefiting all organizations and citizens alike.
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From July 2023, BGF will continue to build the model for the AIWS Economy – Global Enlightenment Economy and encourage its practice.