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Six Of The Smartest Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Business

With its widespread use in customer service, manufacturing and quality control, artificial intelligence has secured its place as one of the most important technologies of the future. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, nearly 90% of CEOs confirmed that AI is considered mainstream technology in their offices in 2021.

Businesses that want to figure out how to best leverage AI can experiment with unique ways of using it. With the right team members in place, and through a process of trial and error, a company can track the results of AI initiatives and find out what works best for its specific needs. Below, six experts from Forbes Coaches Council examine some most innovative uses of AI in business that they’ve encountered.

  1. Assisting People With Disabilities

One of the smartest uses of AI is adapting computers to assist people with disabilities in doing their jobs.

  1. Resolving Common Queries

A great use of AI involves resolving common queries in industries such as financial services and telecommunications through self-service or self-help processes.

  1. Reducing Bias In Hiring Decisions

Any AI that can automate and streamline routine tasks in order to optimize the performance of your people is of tremendous value.

  1. Enabling Everyday Marketing Applications

One of the best uses of AI in business is the everyday marketing that is all around us. This clever type of marketing can be used to quantify your business.

  1. Creating Systems For Coaching Discussions

Although it is in its infancy, I have been watching how companies are creating systems to use AI in coaching discussions.

  1. Enabling The Early Detection Of Certain Diseases

AI has many fascinating facets. It is still a nascent technology, but significant leaps for mankind have already been made with it.

The article was originally posted at Forbes.

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