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President Biden convenes with AI Industry Leaders; Senator Schumer Proposes new SAFE AI Innovation Framework, Big Tech is eager to help

Overview of SAFE Innovation Framework of Senator Schumer:

  1. Security: AI systems should be designed to ensure the safety of individuals and society as a whole. This includes ensuring that AI systems are secure, reliable, and resilient, and that they do not pose a threat to human life or property.
  2. Accountability: AI developers and users should be accountable for the decisions made by AI systems. This includes ensuring that AI systems are transparent, explainable, and auditable, and that addressing intellectual property, copyright, and liability concerns.
  3. Foundations: AI systems should promote American democratic values and protect elections.
  4. Explain: AI systems should be designed to provide clear and understandable explanations of their decisions and actions. Senator Schumer recognized explainability as “one of the thorniest and most technically complicated issues we face—but perhaps the most important of all.” It will be critical for AI developers to ensure that AI systems are interpretable, and that they provide meaningful feedback to users.
  5. Innovation: US-led AI innovation should be encouraged and supported, while ensuring that it is done in a responsible and ethical manner. This includes promoting research and development in AI, while prioritizing accountability, transparency, and security.

In addition to proposing the SAFE Innovation AI Framework, Senator Schumer also recognized that Congress will need a process to develop comprehensive AI legislation that involves multiple committees with jurisdiction over industries and issues that are impacted by AI. The breadth of committees that will need to be involved in legislation will invariably slow the process of advancing legislation, even if it is a priority of the Majority Leader.

Beginning this fall, Senator Schumer plans to host a series of proposed “AI Insight Forums” to continue engaging with AI experts to better understand the opportunities and challenges of AI.

On April 30, 2023, the Boston Global Forum officially announced the Framework for Global Governance of AI Assistants and ChatGPT. BGF are organizing High-level dialogues for Global Governance of AI from late July 2023 to November 2023. BGF consider “AI Insight Forums” conceived by Senator Schumer as a excellent contribution to Governance of AI.