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Novaland cooperates with Michael Dukakis Institute to add AIWS City to NovaWorld Phan Thiet

Vietnam Investment Review- Novaland Group and Michael Dukakis Institute (MDI) for Leadership and Innovation on November 11 held an online meeting to update upcoming plans more than a month after signing a strategic partnership contract.

According to the contract, both sides will establish the Michael Dukakis Institute-Vietnam in NovaWorld Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan province) to organize leadership and creative training programs in the era of AI at NovaWorld Phan Thiet.

The programme will be taught online by professors, scholars, and leaders from the US and other member countries of the Artificial Intelligence World Society Innovation Network (AIWS.net).

At the same time, MDI will support the implementation of a series of AI World Society programmes at NovaWorld Phan Thiet such as building the world’s first the History of AI house, the Vint Cerf House, the Michael Dukakis House, programmes of AI summer camps for students of all ages, and annual AIWS award events (World Leader in AIWS ).

The Michael Dukakis Institute – Vietnam will start organizing events in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan from 2021.

According to Bui Thanh Nhon, chairman of Novaland Group, this cooperation will further increase the value of NovaWorld Phan Thiet, a new destination for the world, where people will come to live, work, relax, or travel and feel like they are living in one of the great centres and have access to the elites of the world.

“With favourable climatic conditions and natural beauty, transportation infrastructure, and facilities that meet the standards of major international events, NovaWorld Phan Thiet will make Phan Thiet an attractive and favourite destination for tourism, resorts, conferences – seminars in the world,” Nhon said at the meeting.

According to Michael Dukakis, president of MDI, the institute is ready to cooperate with Novaland to build NovaWorld Phan Thiet into an innovative centre for both technologies and culture in the AI century. “Together we can contribute to a better world,” Dukakis said.

Vin Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet believed that the cooperation between Novaland and MDI will bring benefit to all people. “I myself and many other colleagues from famous universities in the world will share information and hand over innovative ideas, as well as new and advanced solutions to Vietnam,” said Cerf.

Professor Alex Sandy Pentland from Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) shared his experiences on building a city with advanced infrastructure system, bringing many benefits to global communications.

“The MIT has worked with many partners from Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan to develop those countries and now we are heading for this good cooperation in Vietnam,” Pentland said.

AI is a crucial technology in Vietnam and globally, serving digital transformation, providing solutions for products and services to develop smart urban models.

Nazli Choucri from MIT also commented, “This cooperation is a testament to promoting AI development among countries around the world, that collaboration from many units will be more effective than each individual working individually. We all hope the future will reach new things that we have never experienced,” Chourci said.

Apart from these key speakers, the online discussion also featured a range of other distinguished guests, including Thomas Patterson (Harvard University), Marc Rotenberg (director of the Center for AI and Digital Policy of MDI), Nguyen Anh Tuan (director of MDI, co-founder of The AI World Society Innovation Network – AIWS.net), John Quelch (Harvard Business School, co-founder of Boston Global Forum), as well as leaders from Novaland Group and leaders of the Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet has a strategic location in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province – a famous region for its blue seas, white sand, golden sunshine, and stable year-round climate. The project is conveniently connected to Ho Chi Minh City, a massive metropolis of 15 million people, and other big cities via international airports, seaports, railways, and highways.

Across 1,000 hectares with 7km of coastline, McKinsey-consulted NovaWorld Phan Thiet is set to become an attractive destination of premier resorts, shopping malls, dining, entertainment, as well as education, health, and sports. The project master plan was created by leading design consultants including Aedas and Nikken Sekkei.

With a total investment of nearly $5 billion, NovaWorld Phan Thiet has hundreds of outstanding facilities.

Being one of the first-ever megaprojects applying AI technology in Vietnam, NovaWorld will host a long list of international events all year round such as golf tournaments, professional tennis tournaments, Olympic sports competitions, kite surfing, beauty contests, fashion, music festivals, and more.

Tournaments and events will take place continuously, creating a bustling, fantastic environment and ensuring that NovaWorld Phan Thiet is an exciting and attractive destination, a remarkable take on Novaland Group’s mission: creating “destinations”

The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation was founded and is led by Michael Dukakis, with the participation of top professors from Harvard University and MIT.

Governor Michael Dukakis and leaders of MDI will support Novaland to build NovaWorld Phan Thiet to become a bright spot of technological and cultural innovation in the AI era; a gathering place for leaders, innovators, and the elite of the world.

This will link NovaWorld Phan Thiet to AIWS City and AIWS University and make NovaWorld Phan Thiet a destination for the AI community around the world.

Novaland Group has been a leading, prestigious brand in the property investment and development industry in Vietnam during the past 28 years.

The group’s total landbank is approximately 5,000ha, which is used for three key product suites, including real estate in central Ho Chi Minh City, satellite urban areas in Dong Nai province, and second-home projects and integrated resorts in major tourism destination provinces.

Novaland is willing to cooperate with world-class professional advisors and management companies to promote sustainable tourism development in accordance with the National Tourism Development Strategy, build smart ecological urban cities and high-class tourist destinations, and contribute to Vietnam’s imprint on the world tourism map.