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Photo: Governor Michael Dukakis (in the middle) in a Boston Global Forum’s conference discussing about solutions to conflicts in the Pacific in 2014.

(March 4, 2015) – Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellow Program is now officially calling for candidates who are leaders or  specialists from around the world and at or younger than 40 years old. We are specially interested in those who have shown aptitude, interest, and pursuit of promoting global peace and security. Applications are accepted until May 30, 2015 and only 4 successful candidates will be announced. 

The Fellowship program is established as an effort of the Boston Global Forum to engage the youth leaders to further the Framework for Peace and Security in the Pacific, which has recently been released in February 2015 after a series of international online conferences.

The Program provides ten months and related professional experiences in the areas of international relations and cyber security. For the 2015-2016  Program, Fellows will implement their proposed action-oriented plan, work with leaders of Boston Global Forum and  high-profile figures of Harvard and MIT, as well as leaders in media, politics, and international relations. Fellows will participate in various events and activities associated with the Young Leader Network to monitor peace and generate solutions to conflicts in the Pacific. They will also work with Boston Global Forum to anticipate cyber terrorism issues, which is the focus issue of the Forum in 2015-2016.


The Program aims to enrich the fellows’ leadership competency and integrity in initiating solutions to global problems; engage youth in promotion of peace and security of the world; provide opportunities for self development; and facilitate a dialogue among youth leaders with high-profile figures and policymakers from many nations.

To be eligible, applicants must be 40 or younger, have extraordinary leadership achievement, be currently active in their professional field and produce a one year action plan to contribute to a peaceful and secure world.

Applications are encouraged to send a CV detailing their achievements and an action plan promoting peace and security, and should be submitted to [email protected]

About the Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellow Program

The Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellow Program is initiated and fully funded by the Boston Global Forum, and is named after its Chairman and Co-Founder, the former Massachusetts Governor, Professor Michael Dukakis.Governor Dukakis has devoted his life to the promotion of peace and democracy around the world. Governor Dukakis and his fellows Professor Thomas Patterson, Professor John Quelch, and Nguyen Anh Tuan founded Boston Global Forum in 2012 with the aim of identifying the most impactful issues facing the world and providing practical and meaningful solutions to these problems.  Governor Dukakis and Harvard Professor Joseph Nye, a member of the Boston Global Forum Board of Thinkers, led several international conferences to build a Framework for Peace and Security in the Pacific in 2014. The Fellowship program is established as an effort to engage youth leaders to further the Framework and to enrich their leadership capability and integrity in order to improve global peace and security.