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Frontpage of AIWS City

On December 24, 2020, Michael Dukakis Institute finished the frontpage of AIWS City.

It includes first parts of the AIWS City – as concepts: collect and engage the most noble and valuable of human being, styles of icons:

The AIWS Palace is inspired by the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

The AIWS University is inspired by Harvard Business School.

The AIWS City Hall is inspired by Vienna City Hall.

The AIWS House of Honor is inspired Neuschwanstein Castle.

The AIWS Home is inspired by Frederik Palace in Denmark.

The History of AI House is inspired by MIT.

The AIWS Concert Hall is inspired Musikverein in Vienna.

The AIWS Innovation is an eagle.

From the frontpage, visitor can click to Next at ship akin to the Mayflower to see the second part of AIWS City.

The homepage of AIWS City will be officially opened at AIWS.city on January 9, 2021.