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BGF Statement on former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The entire Boston Global Forum community condemns this senseless act of violence that occurred during a public political campaign event in Japan.

Mr. Abe was a good friend to the Boston Global Forum (BGF), participating in numerous events that highlighted his continuing prestige in Japan and on the world stage. Mr. Abe was the first world leader to receive the World Leaders Award for Peace and Security from the Boston Global Forum in 2015. At that time, Mr. Abe issued a message of support for BGF’s Global Cybersecurity Day Initiative and then the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative in Japan in 2016.

Mr. Abe frequently addressed the need for greater global attention for digital standards and individual rights in an age increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. He was a strong supporter of Boston Global Forum’s Cybersecurity Demands. In December 2021, Mr. Abe presented his keynote speech in the Boston Global Forum Conference, and made distinguished contributions to the BGF book, “Rebuilding the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment.”

More than any Japanese leader, Shinzo Abe understood the shifting power structure in Asia and the need for Japan to exert a stronger leadership role. The Japanese people, Asia, and the world have lost a key leader for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Boston Global Forum extends our condolences to Mr. Abe’s friends and family. We will honor Mr. Abe by continuing to promote his ideas and positions that uphold the dignity and rights of individuals in the age of digital and artificial intelligence.