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Framework for Artificial Intelligence International Accord

Nazli Choucri, Professor of Political Science (MIT) and co-author of Social Contract for the AI Age, contributes to the book Remaking the world – The Age of Global Enlightenment.

She wrote about the Framework for AI International Accord; some notes are here below:


Consistent with the principles the provisions of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime as well as the EU General Directives, and respecting the Social Contract for the AI Age, the AIIA draft framework is conceived and designed as:

  • A multi-stakeholder, consensus-based international agreement to establish common policy and practice in development, use, implementation and applications of AI
  • Anchored in the balance of influence and responsibility among governments, businesses, civil society, individuals, and other entities.
  • Respectful of national authority and international commitments and requires assurances of rights and responsibilities for all participants and decision-entities.


To consolidate the design into a formal International Accord, it is essential to:

  • Review legal frameworks for AI at various levels of aggregation to identify elements essential for an international AI legal framework.
  • Recognize methods to prevent abuses by governments and businesses in uses of AI, Data, Digital Technology, and Cyberspace (including attacks on companies, organizations, and individuals, and other venues of the Internet)
  • Consolidate working norms to manage all aspects of AI innovations, and
  • Construct and enable response-systems for violations of rights and responsibilities associated with the development, design, applications, or implementation of AI