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The University of AI

This is an episode of the podcast AI for the Rest of Us.

Art Markman and K.P. Procko consider how artificial intelligence is already changing the college experience, its promise and pitfalls, and future directions.

Artificial intelligence tools might transform education, for example, by giving every student 24/7 access to an affordable tutor that’s an expert in any subject and infinitely patient and supportive. But what if these AI tools give bad information or relieve students of the kind of critical thinking that leads to actual learning? And what’s the point of paying the big bucks to go to college if you can learn everything from AI chatbots?

Today on the show we have Art Markman—Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and a professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s also co-host of the public radio program and podcast “Two Guys on Your Head.” And we also have K.P. Procko—an associate professor of instruction in biochemistry who uses AI in the classroom and who also manages a grant program in UT Austin’s College of Natural Sciences to help faculty integrate AI tools into the classroom.