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Ready For A World Of (AI-Powered) Superhuman Precision? It’s Coming

Of the many great paintings by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, one stands above all others as his most recognizable work. “The Creation of Adam” depicts God with hand outstretched to his creation, Adam. The painting raises a big question in the world of AI and Big Data—can humanity safely outstretch our collective hand to AI-controlled robots and machines, or are we likely to get our arms ripped off by imprecise electronics?

Today most people still think of AI as a mere computer program, solving problems in the digital realm. A formidable application of computer science, it can assist us with once inconceivable tasks, such as detecting cancer and analyzing data far too complex to wrap our minds around. Those AI applications, while still critical, no longer represent the state of the art. The cutting-edge work in AI now centers on how to safely introduce devices controlled by machine learning into our physical reality.

AI already has begun interfacing with the physical world in many ways, mostly in the industrial and farming sectors. For instance, GAIA (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture) is a system implemented in Australia combining imagery of vineyards and AI to inform farmers on the health of their plants on a row-by-row basis. Yes, it can even predict the quality of their fruit! And as I wrote for Forbes last year, high-tech manufacturers, such as Aerion Supersonic, are using “digital twin” tech to create an AI-driven mirror of their supersonic jets and manufacturing plant, tracking real-world performance down to the minutest detail.

The article was original posted on Forbes.

According to Artificial Intelligence World Society Innovation Network (AIWS.net), AI can be an important tool for industrial automation, relieve human resource constraints and arbitrary/inflexible rules and processes. In this effort, Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI) invites participation and collaboration with think tanks, universities, non-profits, firms, and other entities that share its commitment to the constructive and development of full-scale AI for world society.