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National Strategic Computing Initiative Updated

The National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) was launched by President Obama’s Executive Order in July 2015 to advance U.S. leadership in high performance computing. The NSCI is a whole-of-nation effort designed to create a cohesive, multi-agency strategic vision and Federal investment strategy, executed in collaboration with industry and academia.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy updated this initiative on Thursday, with a much sharper emphasis than the original plan. “The [update] provides a framework to drive the future of computing, improve our computational infrastructure, and create lasting multi-sector partnerships to ensure continued American leadership,” said Michael Kratsios, the White House CTO.

As reported on The US already has five of the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world, including the two fastest: Summit and Sierra. Earlier this year, the Energy Department also announced its aim to launch Aurora, America’s first exascale supercomputer, which can process a billion-billion calculations per second. The department later unveiled plans to launch the world’s fastest exascale supercomputer, Frontier, at full capacity by 2021.

With the refocused objectives, the US is shaping its future to be determined to keep up with and drive the rapid advancements emerging across the national computing landscape.