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GEM Pioneering Programs

The Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM) was officially launched on April 26, 2023, during the BGF High-level Conference, “AI Assistant Regulation Summit: Fostering a Tech Enlightenment Economy Alliance” at Harvard University Faculty Club. As part of the GEM pioneering programs, the following initiatives have been introduced:

  1. Design The Third Generation of AI and AI Assistants: The GEM is committed to advancing AI technologies that prioritize ethical and responsible use. The T-Lead, T-Kindness, and Enligh-T initiatives aim to design the third generation of AI and AI assistants that prioritize human values and ethical principles.
  2. Solve Misinformation and Disinformation Issues: The GEM recognizes the impact of misinformation and disinformation on society and aims to address these issues through technology and education. The program focuses on developing solutions to prevent the spread of false information and promote fact-based knowledge.
  3. Implement Frameworks for AI Global Governance: concrete actions based on the BGF Framework for AI Global Governance.
  4. Building and developing the Global Enlightenment Community: The GEM recognizes the importance of collaboration and engagement among global leaders and thinkers to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. This program aims to build and develop the Global Enlightenment Community, an international network that fosters thought, creativity, and ethical behaviors among leaders, thinkers, scholars, innovators, artists, and business leaders worldwide.

GEM calls and welcomes individuals, organizations, institutions, companies to work with GEM in these Pioneering Programs.

Professor David Silbersweig and Nguyen Anh Tuan present the first programs of GEM