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Democratizing AI? Finland Did It

Finland already let the whole world know this country is for disruption (in a good way). On December 10, Sanna Marin at the age of 34, officially became Finland’s youngest-ever prime minister. She is the world’s youngest currently-serving state leader.

Now comes AI. Finland has been offering free AI education to every EU citizen. Reaktor, a private sector technology consultancy, and the University of Helsinki, Finnish oldest university, decided to join forces to make “The Elements of AI”, an online course available in all the official EU languages. This course is designed specifically for those with limited technology knowledge. So far, more than 220,000 students worldwide have enrolled. Over 40% of them are women and over 25% over the age of 45.

The AI World Society (AIWS) appreciates this significant initiative.  Bringing free AI education to the public fits well in the framework of our AIWS Innovation Network. We agree with its proponents that, by making AI understandable to average citizens, the course empowers them to have a voice and to make a difference in a technology-driven future.

More information about the Finnish free-AI education initiative can be found here.