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HAI 2020 Nomination – Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values Index 2020


History of AI 2020


In the last days of 2020 Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values: AISCI-2020 report was published. The report was prepared by the Center for AI and Digital Policy at the Michael Dukakis Institute and conducted by a team of international experts.

The report is first of its kind as a comparative review of national AI policies. 30 countries were reviewed in terms of their endorsement and implementation of OECD AI Principles within their national AI strategies and public implementations.  It will serve as the baseline for future work and as one scholar (Mireille Hildebrandt) called it is “a trove of materials to enable mutual learning strategies instead of reinventing the wheel.”

The report also amplifies the AI Social Contract Index and CAIDP’s mission –“to promote a better society, more fair, more just —a world where technology promotes broad social inclusion based on fundamental rights, democratic institutions, and the rule of law.”  It will pushes the boundaries and expectations from governments, and seeks seeks to build a multi-stakeholder, inclusive society in all aspects of life across politics, government, economics, business, and industry.

The methodology developed for the report draws on the work of international human rights organizations and data protection experts, and provides a clear ranking for each country.  The AI Index 2020 encourages all countries to make real the promise of AI that is trustworthy, human-centric, and provides broad social benefit to all.


Merve Hickok