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AIWS City, the city of AI Age

Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, Boston Global Forum

AI and Democratic Values, December 12, 2020

AIWS City is an online digital city that brings together the cultural, historical, creative, innovative, and artistic values ​​of humanity. AIWS City is built on the foundation of AI technology and blockchain. AIWS City will bring together world leaders, including thinkers, political leaders, creators, innovators, and educators, to help them promote a more civilized and prosperous world, one based on fundamental human values.  AIWS City will be guided by the principles of the Social Contract for the AI ​​Age. It will be a platform to exchange ideas and promote values.

AIWS City will connect with cities that are centers of science, technology, culture, history, architecture, art, and economic vitality and that epitomize the best of civilization, including Boston, New York, Athens, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Saint Petersburg. It will connect with and draw upon the knowledge of the preeminent figures in these cities. It will also draw from major thinkers in top universities in the Boston area and elsewhere.

AIWS City will connect with UNESCO World Heritage scenic areas like Yellowstone and Victoria Falls; museums like the Louvre and the Hermitage; leading symphony orchestras like the Vienna Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestra; AIWS Palace will connect with historic palaces such as Versailles and Windsor, and host prestigious events. Today, AIWS Palace is hosting the AI and Democratic Values Forum and the Ceremony to honor World Leader for Peace and Security Award 2020 to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

AIWS City will have pioneering initiatives in higher education in the application of AI and Blockchain. The AIWS University will be a place of lifelong learning, deep reflection, and personal growth and recognition, while providing the opportunity to study with the world’s great professors.  As part of AIWS University, there will be AIWS Innovation Labs dedicated to fostering values and ideas, drawing from the world’s leading technology and cultural innovation centers. 

Each resident of AIWS City citizen will have a Digital Home for storing and processing personal data, and will work with others to build the AI World Society, a society dedicated to improving the lives of all through innovative and prudent applications of AI.  At the start, the leadership of AIWS City will come from the Boston Global Forum, the Michael Dukakis Institute and Mentors of AIWS Innovation Network, expanding later to thought leaders from around the world.

The technology partners for AIWS City are Google and Beowulf Blockchain. In fact, today’s conference is being conducted using Beowulf Blockchain’s Quickom technology platform.

I want to thank Beowulf for its support and for its work in constructing AIWS City.



January 9, 2021: AIWS Palace, AIWS University will officially operate.

September 1, 2021 Digital Home will officially serve all AIWS City citizens to build their own digital homes. On this day, the houses of honor of Michael Dukakis, Vint Cerf will be opened also.

Not only creating an advanced living and working environment on the internet, AIWS City also connects and creates a modern smart urban area in NovaWorld Phan Thiet, together with the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid. AIWS City contributes to The United Nations Initiative 2045, a model of the city of human being in 2045.