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Governor Michael Dukakis visited the International Baccalaureate Program of Anatolia College

IB students had expressed a strong interest in discussing international relations and current global issues with the former Governor of Massachusetts and their questions covered issues such as US Foreign Policy, Greek-American relations, US Politics, International Affairs and Global Issues, as well as Governance Policies.  Mr. Dukakis gave an overview of U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy in the last 50 years tailoring his comments to the students’ questions, which he had carefully examined.  He discussed the war in Iraq and the tension with Iran, and commented on the significance of international “coalitions” stressing the role of the EU and the UN in building “world ties,” and also commented on the upcoming US elections.

The 40 IB students, who followed Mr. Dukakis’ presentation with keen interest, were encouraged by the Governor to ask additional questions and in the session that followed, students inquired into Mr. Dukakis’ views on the crisis in the Middle East, his opinion on progress in Greece in the last 20 years and on emerging economies and markets such as China and India, solicited his advice on a successful political profile and campaign, and also posed personal questions on his educational and career choices.  Mr. Dukakis spoke enthusiastically and inspired IB students with his faith in “individual participation in politics” and “active involvement on the part of citizens in community matters.”

Mr. Dukakis’ visit to Anatolia is organized under the aegis of the “Michael S. Dukakis Chair in Public Policy and Service” that was established at the American College of Thessaloniki, the university division of Anatolia in 1999.  It  is a leading forum in Northern Greece and the Balkans for discussion and debate of the pressing issues of our times, with a principal view toward motivating young people to become involved in public service.  Mr. Dukakis is participating in various events during his stay, most recently in an important Symposium on Greek-American relations that included deputy minister of foreign affairs Mr. Evripidis Stylianidis among other notable participants.