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CAIDP Publishes “Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values”

The Center for AI and Digital Policy has published the first comprehensive review of national AI policies and practices.  The report “Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values: the AI Social Contract Index 2020” was released in conjunction with the presentation, by the Boston Global Forum and the Michael Dukakis Institute, of the World Leader Peace and Security Award to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The CAIDP Report is based on an extensive review of AI policies and practices in 30 countries, undertaken by a team of international experts. The CAIDP Report found that (1) the OECD/G20 AI Principles have shaped global policies, (2) AI safeguards build on data protection law, (3) there are “red lines” for certain AI applications, such as facial surveillance and criminal sentencing, and (4) AI policy is in the early days but the pace is accelerating.

The CAIDP Report set out five recommendations: (1) Countries must establish national policies for AI that implement democratic values; (2) Countries must ensure public participation in AI policymaking and also create robust mechanisms for independent oversight of AI systems; (3) Countries must guarantee fairness, accountability, and transparency in all AI systems; (4) Countries must commit to these principles in the development, procurement, and implementation of AI systems for public services; and (5) Countries must halt the use of facial recognition for mass surveillance.

Among the countries reviewed, Germany was at the top. The experts cited Germany’s high level of public participation in AI policy making, strong data protection infrastructure, multiple independent agencies focused on AI, and leadership on AI policy within the European Union and globally.

Leading AI policy experts participated in a discussion of the AI Social Contract Index, including Amb. Karen Kornbluh (ret.), Wonki Min, Merve Hickok and Prof. Frank Pasquale. Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL), cosponsor of the House Resolution on a National AI Strategy, also spoke at the event.

The CAIDP plans updates of AI policy throughout 2021 and the release of a new AISCI-2021 in December 2021. Additional information about the report is available at caidp.dukakis.org/aisci-2020.


Marc Rotenberg, Director

Center for AI and Digital Policy at the Michael Dukakis Institute

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