Prof. Thomas Patterson will present the AI World Society – G7 Summit Initiative at AI World Government in Washington DC

On behalf of the group of authors of AIWS-G7 Summit Initative, professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard University, Board Member of the Boston Global Forum will present the AI World Society – G7 Summit Initiative, including AI-Government and AI-Citizen, at AI World Government on June 24, 2019 at Ronald Reagan International and Trade Building in Washington DC.

More details of the event can be found here.

Key messages of the AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative is:

Although Artificial Intelligence can be a destructive technology and has the risk of concentrating power and subordinating individual interest to machine-derived decisions, it also holds out the promise of improved governance and empowered citizens. For that promise to be realized, the Boston Global Forum believes that there needs to be a deliberate effort to work AI into the governing process in a way that enhances governance while strengthening citizenship, supporting democracy, and upholding fundamental individual rights and the rule of law.

In this brief, we have outlined a vision of how that can happen: AI-Government and AI-Citizen. The AIWS Model we propose envisions a society where innovation, creativity and dedication, democracy, individual rights and the rule of law are recognized and promoted, where AI is used to assist and improve government decision-making to make progress towards a more socially inclusive and just society in which citizens have a larger voice in their governing. We urge the G-7 countries to assume leadership on these issues.