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Breakthrough research demonstrates AI can predict a psychotic break

A trio of researchers have developed an experimental machine learning method that allows artificial intelligence (AI) to listen for the early whispers of psychotic break that humans can’t hear. The team, consisting of Neguine Rezaii of Harvard Medical School and Emory School of Medicine, and Elaine Walker and Philipp Wolff from Emory University’s Department of Psychology, set out to see if there was any way to use language as an indicator of impending latent onset psychosis.

They developed a machine learning method that looks for specific indicators long thought associated with psychosis, especially schizophrenia. The team then spent two years observing study volunteers, a significant portion of whom ended up demonstrating psychotic break (the first experience of a fully psychotic episode).

Those who suffer from psychosis have always cried out for help, we’ve just never had the right tools to understand exactly what they’re saying. This AI breakthrough has also been recognized by AI World Society (AIWS) to apply AI research in medical science, as well as bring a huge benefit to human well-being and happiness in general.