AIWS Standards and Practice Committee members including Governor Michael Dukakis, Professor Thomas Patterson, Professor Nazli Choucri, and Professor Marc Rutenberg will attend as speakers at the AI World Government forum, taking place at Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC, from June 24 to June 26.

AI World Government provides a comprehensive three-day forum to educate and inform public sector agencies on the strategic and tactical benefits of deploying AI and cognitive technologies. With AI technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, data-driven government services are now possible from federal, state, and local agencies. AI World Government gathers leaders from across government, technology innovation, business, and research to present the state of the practice and state of the technology to assist the public sector in leveraging advanced intelligent technologies to enhance government services.

The rapid acceleration of AI technology has led to a global call for AI governance and ethics. One of the core issues facing the adoption of AI is centered on how to ensure that these advanced technologies can be deployed in a fair and non-biased way that can serve the betterment of mankind. Currently, there are hundreds of efforts underway globally, working in silos, to standardize around how business and governments can engage in ethical AI practices. AI Governance, Big Data and Ethics brings together a key group of global thought leaders who will present the challenges, discuss solutions and lead networking roundtables to help global government and industry leaders better collaborate with each.

Topics Include:

  • Conference Introduction: Michael J. Dukakis, JD, Chairman, The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation
  • The State of Governance, Big Data, and Ethics
  • Model of AI Government
  • Panel: Big Data Shapes World Economics, Regulation, and Services
  • Establishing Ethics Standards for Data Use by AI and Possible Regulations
  • Panel: Current State of Ethics Standards Development
  • Panel: Setting the Stage for Responsible AI: Steps Organizations Should Take
  • Panel: What Actions Can We Take Today for a Better AI Future Tomorrow?

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